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Sandy Devlin, Ed.D.

Phone: 6623257126

Education:  Doctorate in Special Education – University of Alabama, 1990


 Courses Taught on a Regular Basis: 

o   Seminar in Emotional/Behavioral Disorders

o   Teaching Strategies for the Gifted

o   Introduction to Individuals with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

o   Special Education in the Regular Classroom

o   Teaching Individuals with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

o   Internship in Special Education

o   Remediation in Special Education

o   Organization and Supervision in Special Education


Dr. Sandy Devlin 

Dr. Devlin is a professor of special education at Mississippi State University.  She has 28 years of experience in higher education and a collective 37 years of experience in the field of special education including public school teaching, director of a sheltered workshop, job and home coach and behavioral consultant.  She has published a myriad of articles, book chapters, and state and federal curriculum materials on teaching individuals with learning and behavioral problems both nationally and internationally.  Dr. Devlin is professor of   record of   9 courses in special education in the Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Special Education at MSU.  She serves as the graduate coordinator for special education and is active in departmental, college, and university committees.  Dr. Devlin is an active participant in 10 professional and academic associations.  Dr. Devlin has professional relationships with multiple international special education organizations and has collaborated with Sicily, Italy, and Belize in an effort to improve identification and service to students with disabilities. She serves as an advocate for students with disabilities throughout Mississippi and the southeastearn United States. Dr. Devlin is interested in the areas of social skill development and the area of social reasoning with children who have emotional and behavioral disorders.  Dr. Devlin continues her work in this area through collaboration with schools and families with children with emotional behavioral disorders and autism spectrum disorders. Dr. Devlin is director of Camp Jigsaw, a summer camp for adolescents on the spectrum.  Dr. Devlin holds degrees from Mississippi State University and the University of Alabama.

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