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Sandy Devlin, Ed.D.

Phone: 6623257126


Education:  Doctorate in Special Education – University of Alabama, 1990


 Courses Taught on a Regular Basis: 


o   Seminar in Emotional/Behavioral Disorders

o   Teaching Strategies for the Gifted

o   Introduction to Individuals with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

o   Special Education in the Regular Classroom

o   Teaching Individuals with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

o   Internship in Special Education

o   Remediation in Special Education

o   Organization and Supervision in Special Education



Current Research Projects include:

  •  The Benefits of Pivotal Response Training on Children with Autism and Children with Emotional/Behavioral Disorders.
  •  The Results of a Wrap Around System of Care for Young Children with Autism
  • The Development of Self-Determination Training for Adolescents with High Functioning Autsim
  • International Educational Perspectives on Individuals with Autism
  • Training Parents as Interventionists for Their Children with Autism:  Reaching a Rural Population



Ward, P.,  Devlin, S.D., Crumpton, R. (under review). Using a Blocking and  fading procedure to reduce inappropriate vocalizations and  occurrence of off-mat behavior in a pre-school child with trisomy 4 and a partial deletion on chromosome 2.  Journal of Developmental Disabilities.


Kane, H.D. & Devlin, S. D. (under review).  Group differences in Cognitive Ability: A CHC Theory Framework.  Mankind Quarterly.


Breland, F.W., Devlin, S. D., Devlin, E.K. (Fall, 2009).  Early childhood social brain development contributes to success in school and home.  Updates on Data, Education, and Policy: Center for Urban Child Policy.


 Devlin, S. D., Krenzer, D., Edwards, J. (Spring, 2009). Collaboration among grandparents and professionals with discrete trial training in the treatment for traumatic brain injury. Physical Disabilities:  Education and Related Service, 27, #2.





  • International Council for Exceptional Children, Member
  • International Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders, Member
  • International Council for Special Education, Member
  • Mississippi Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders, Treasurer        
  • Special Education School Consultant
  • Content Area Expert, Early Head Start and Head Start Disabilities/ Mental Health Services
  • Promotion and Tenure Committee, College of Education, Mississippi State University       

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