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Department Head

Linda Cornelious , Ph.D.
Professor and Head
(email Linda Cornelious)


Kathleen Alley , Ph.D.
Associate Professor
(email Kathleen Alley)
KENNETH Anthony , Ph.D.
Associate Professor
(email KENNETH Anthony)
Stephanie Lemley , Ph.D.
Associate Professor
(email Stephanie Lemley)
Paul Binford , Ph.D.
Associate Professor
(email Paul Binford)
Kent Coffey , Ed.D.
(email Kent Coffey)
Sandy Devlin , Ed.D.
Special Education Graduate Coordinator, Professor
(email Sandy Devlin)
Kellie Fondren
Assistant Professor
(email Kellie Fondren)
Dana Franz , Ph.D.
(email Dana Franz)
Michelle Gaither
(email Michelle Gaither)
Missy Hopper , Ph.D.
Professor and Secondary Education Graduate Coordinator
(email Missy Hopper)
Kristin Javorsky , Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
(email Kristin Javorsky)
Gail Lindsey , Ed.D.
Assistant Clinical Professor
(email Gail Lindsey)
Nicole Miller , Ph.D.
Associate Professor
(email Nicole Miller)
Lindon Ratliff
Associate Professor
(email Lindon Ratliff)
Rebecca Robichaux-Davis , Ph.D.
Professor & Elementary Education Graduate Coordinator
(email Rebecca Robichaux-Davis)
Ryan Walker , Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Undergraduate Coordinator
(email Ryan Walker)


Dolly Tompkins
Business Coordinator
(email Dolly Tompkins)