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Grants and Programs in CISE

Faculty in Curriculum, Instruction, and Special Education have won a wide variety of grants funded by a number of sources. In recent years, Drs. Devon Brenner, Tina Scholtes, Margaret Pope and Johnetta Morrison have received awards from the Institutions of Higher Learning, through the No Child Left Behind Act. These funds have been used to collaborate with Arts and Sciences faculty members to provide summer professional development for teachers from around the Golden Triangle. Dr. Susie Burroughs has received funding from the U.S. Department of Education to provide professional development in civic education for teachers through the We the People program. These and many other grant programs allow faculty to engage in public service to improve learning in K-12 schools and to engage in research that informs teachers and policy makers in Mississippi and across the nation.

In addition to grants, there are several other programs and resources in the Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Special Education that provide professional development for teachers, learning opportunities for students, and resources for undergraduate and graduate students in teacher education.